Hi Guys,

Been discussing with Grandstream the handytone 486's and message waiting light on my cordless phones (the ATA light itself shows a message waiting no problem).  I was told originally before purchasing the handytone 486 that it supported MWI on a phone, then told by Grandstream it only works with some phones (I know the phone itself does MWI fine as it works with telecoms callminder service etc..) so I queried them on what particular model cordless phones were known to work as I have two phones that I consider good quality and suprised they dont work correctly:
1 is a Uniden Wdect 3315+1

Another is a slightly older model Uniden which also supports MWI cant remember model # at the moment.

They now say MWI only works on Handytone 5XX's so getting a bit annoyed can anyone confirm the 5xx's work with MWI to their cordless from an asterisk box? Also dont suppose the 486's do work for anyone with their cordless phone?

In the meantime I've setup email notification as I've hidden the ATA from view so you cant see its led light and I dont make enough calls to hear the tone difference and be aware there is a vm waiting.