I am having a couple of issues with the Call Waiting function with 2Talk and my hg556.

When another call is coming through, I can hear the beeps, but the screen doesn't show up any caller ID info, and also when I try to pick up the incoming call, although I can hear the hook click, it just stays on the original call.

If I end the current call, then the phone will ring and I can answer it to pick up the second call, but still no Caller ID.

The analogue handset I'm using is an old Uniden 2315 which supports Caller ID and shows the Caller ID for the original call.

2Talk settings for this line show Call waiting is enabled.

I have gone through the settings on the hg556, and the only things I think relate to this are "Call Waiting Enabled" tick-box, the "hook flash min" and "hook flash max" times, and these all seem to be set up ok. I tried changing the hook flash times to 80ms min and 1000ms max, but still no luck.

I am running B017 firmware for the hg556, and could look at an upgrade in case it fixes it, but would be interested to hear in other people's experiences, and may be able to rule out a piece in the chain.

Can anyone offer any advice?