I am testing out Elastix which is built on freepbx and asterisk.
But I have found a problem that seems to affect many different variants of asterisk and would like to know if anyone here has found a solution

The problem:
When the internet drops, or the router is rebooted, asterisk inside freepbx/trixbox/elastix doesnt automatically reconnect or reregister the IAX trunks.
I prefer to use IAX because i plan to put these boxes behind NAT routers and IAX just works better.  

I have qualify=yes set in the IAX trunk settings but cannot figure out how to set an automatic reregister time like you can with SIP.

Manually applying settings on the trunk, and then reloading works but i want it to do this automatically.
I have tested this by logging into my router, and killing the connection in the NAT table to simulate a router restart- but it just doesnt try to reconnect.

All the outward caller gets is 'all circuts are busy'