Hey guys.
Just picked up my first server as a test bench for various tasks that I'm studying at uni.
It does have a CD-ROM drive, but I don't have any CDs and don't have access to any until Uni starts back, I can wait, but I really don't want to.

The server is a HP Proliant DL380 G4

So I looked into installing windows server 2003 via a bootable USB, and I haven't had much luck.
I tried win2flash, win32 disk imager, and UNetbootin. All have failed to show up on the server. I have made sure that my motherboard can take usb, and have set usb to boot first, still no luck.

I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions?
I also tried installing debian 6.0.7 via unetbootin, but it had kernel errors?

Do you think I'm better off waiting until uni goes back, or try and learn a method to install via USB?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.