Hi there,

I have 2 exchange servers - both running 2003 sp1. 

The first server has been around for ages and is running OWA happily.  The second is a new addition (more storage, load balancing etc). 

We have a dns entry set up to point the outside world to the first server if they are trying to access OWA. 

I have moved my mailbox to the 2nd server to do some testing.  I've found that I can't access OWA now. 

Does Exchange 2003 have a way of directing my OWA query to the second server natively?  Or do I need to add a 2nd dns entry for the 2nd server? 

I'm sure there are people out there that have 2 exchanges running in tandem and are able to set it up that the 2nd server works on OWA on the same address as the first one - i'd love to hear from you about this as I'm still getting to grips with Exchange.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!