I have an old C2D entry level Vaio that has a problem with networking and RDP.
Runs Windows 7 64 Ultimate

WHen i go to Networking -> another Windows 7 64 Ultimate laptop and click on it it says failed, do you want to diagnose, cannot diagnose.

But when i go to Run -> \\that same PC it shows me all the files.

I have another windows 8 laptop that can latch on to that PC fine.

Second problem:

I try to remote desktop to my work on that other PC and the win 8 laptop - fine. It shows the certificate is dodgy and gives me an option to accept and move on.

But on this Vaio laptop it says "A revocation check could not be performed on the Certificate." "You may not proceed due to the severity of the certificate errors." Yes I have imported the cert into trusted root authentication area just like the other 2.

(Funny thing is i can remote desktop to the other windows 7 PC no problems and then when i try to click on the computer in file explorer it cannot connect. Yes it warns about the dodgy certificate and allows me to move on.)

Any ideas?