Hi everyone

My wife and I upgrade one PC every two years. Win 7 was finally a MS product we accepted, so we were a bit nervous about Win 8 - but understood that with 8.1 plus a 3rd party system we'd be back to a Win 7 type interface (which we've always always used a classic interface on).

So we've had this laptop for over a week - and returned it twice and still not getting anywhere. So we thought people here might better understand what's going on. The machine came with Windows 8 Home. We use Pro. So we bought an upgrade from the same shop (where we've bought our systems from for some years). Got home, installed Pro, went to the MS shop and got the free upgrade to 8.1 - and the system is now running 8.1 Home.

Gave us no choice - seems that the laptop is registered as a Home user and there's no obvious way to change that. Any suggestions (other than the unhelpful one that 8.1 isn't available in the Pro version yet).

We've also discovered a second issue. The drive was originally partitioned into about 350Gb and 650Gb. We altered that latter into smaller partitions to suit our needs. We always install apps on drive D, and we keep home and business stuff of different drives. When it came back it was all one partition - and we couldn't reduce C to less than about 500 Gb. So they took it back and repartitioned it - but used a smaller size for C. We figured we'd be able to exapnd it - but apparently they put the recovery and another "hidden" partition after C instead of before. So now drive C is fixed.

Obvious we could delete the two hidden partitions - but that's not really what we want - you never know we might need to recover Windows afresh. So we're planning to return the laptop yet again for that to be fixed. But we thought while we were asking the first question, we'd mention this and see if there's any easy work around.

Sorry to be so long-winded - especially after being so quiet for so long - but suddenly realised this is the place where we've got answers in the past, so should try again.