From what ive found on the net it seams to be a common problem but the way to fix it is what im finding hard
Ok this is the issue when trying to play War Hammer 4000 Dawn of War or War Hammer 4000 Dark Crusade I get a message that says Spooge Driver not found. Verify that DirectX is properly installed (Im running DX10) so I have a look on the net to find a way to fix this and with what I have found is to install new Graphics Card Drivers. Im currently running a Nvidia Geforce GO 8700m GT graphics card (see Forum about Toshiba Satellite X200-J022 have just picked this machine up) My current drivers are ForceWare Version 101.38 and according to this site there is a more updated driver so i download it and try to install but theres another problem when trying to install the new drivers i get another message that says The Nvidia setup could not locate any drivers that are compatiable with your current hardware. So again I get on the net to find a solution to this problem found that this is another common problem so I followed the steps of one of the sites (did have it so you can have a look but?? cant find it again) pretty much it said to force a driver update through the device manager so I tried this and it recons that the drivers installed are the latest ones. now im lost where do i go from here??