I have an HP stream 7 and I want to install an unsigned driver on it , I have followed the required steps to do this by going through the settings and restart ect except when it boots I get

"bitlocker you must enter your recovery key to access start up settings"

"Press enter key or windows key to continue"

This is where I should be able to select force unsigned drivers option however I cannot move forward because I have no enter key to press and touching the windows key on the tablet does nothing.

I have tried everything but cannot move past this point. Plugging in a keyboard to the micro usb port does nothing as well.

Dunno I am stumped here.

It looks like trying to turn off bitlocker is a major process and something I would prefer not to try to have to do. Bitlocker must have been on by default as I never turned it on in the first place.

Any idea's here guys on how to proceed.