I have a niggly problem with our work E-Mail signatures, I was hoping the guru's here may have struck this before and have a solution.

We have a set signature that was set up for all our staff, that we configure when they start as part of their set up.

It looks like this.

This is a jpg copy of the signature format we use.

The version we are using is built in a word document with a jpg image and text in a table, this was done to keep the image clean, as you can see from the example, they aren't flash when converted.

The two components are then inserted into the signatures area of outlook 2003 on an individual PC basis.

The problem I am having is that some of our PCs seem to occasionally drop the jpg portion of the signature for no reason.

It's not OS specific as both XP and Vista based PCs are doing it.

It's a company directive that we want to keep the signature format so I need to find a fix, so I'm not regularly having to re do them!

Any help or suggestions would be great.