My wife runs a community  center and has been using her own laptop with Office 365 via for hers and their emails.   She has also setup their calendar .  All way  well until at the weekend  she bought a new PC for them .  I upgraded it to Win 10 and added Office 365 .  The email accounts synced up fine but for some reason the calendar   thinks it’s in Pacific Standard Time (PST)  despite the PCs location set to NZ and NZ time zone on it and her laptop.  The Outlook calendar app says NZ Time zone.  All entries are one day out.


Went on line to the com center Outlook account and made sure that the calendar was in the correct time  zone and all but still can’t sort it.  Her own calendar on both PCs is correct.


When she   goes to change an entry  and clicks on  Reoccurrence  the PST time zone pops up and she has to set it back to NZ so it goes to the correct day.


She has had to manually via Outlook redone the entire calendar for the next 6 months a real pain..


The other thing is that the calendar  on the Com center PC does not seem to be syncing to the online calendar  though if you change the online calendar it syncs to both PCs.


Done a search online and it seems a common issue  but it’s got me.


Anyone gotten any suggestions??


Thanx in advance..