I am sure this problem cannot be unique to me.
Since I have installed the latest Vista32 Ultimate updates last week my on-board Intel audio is screwed up. My volume control resets to zero and will not stay on a set value avove zero. One can hear the audio output when the slider is moved up but it just falls to zero again.
I have tried reloading the drivers, updating the drivers from Intel and a swag of other fixes. I usually get the audio working eventually but there appears to be no set pattern to achieving this. I have this task ahead of me each morning!!
I have looked at the latest Vista updates on the 13th August but cannot see anything at all relating to audio as I would have uninstalled them.
This is a most annoying situation and would love to resolve it.
I may go and buy a separate sound card but until I know what is stopping my existing audio I am unsure whether the problem would follow the new audio driver/installation.

Any ideas or solutions would be most gratefully accepted.

Regards TC