There is so many opinions out there but the general concious is that WHS with a defragmenter (not the built in one which you are discouraged from using apparently) keeps the WHS humming along and may extend the life of your hard drives.

There is this comparison from PerfectDisk and from

Done some comparisons between PerfectDisk and Diskeeper 9 for WHS and was really hard to find the difference by downloading both of these free trials.

They both do a excellent job of defragmenting and both are VSS compatible.

I went for PerfectDisk 10 WHS as the WHS addon is far more graphical and has more usefull infomation which is displayed which provided more info on what was going on.

Plus I found a discount code for $10.00 off and a site licence option.

I used the coupon code SPRINGFLING will enable you to purchase PerfectDisk 10 for Windows Home Server but this apperantly expires on the 22 March 2009

It was also cheaper than Diskeeper 9 and I spent the extra $$ and brought the PerfectDisk 10 Windows Home Server Site License (1 WHS and up to 10 PCs) with the above discount which was NZ $ 151.30 all up.

Now installed on all the pc's inc windows 7 and the laptop. Laughing