I use an AT&T VPN client from my office and at home to access my employers corporate network (I'm based on a customer site).

When I am at work, we have a DSE DSL router which is used as the DHCP server, DNS Server and Default Gateway,

My VPN connection at the office works as expected, and internet traffic goes out over the DSL connection and internal stuff goes out over the VPN.

At home however, when connected to the VPN I have no access to the corporate network as it tried to use the DNS of the Internet connection rather than the DNS.

My DHCP server at home is a Windows Server 2003 box that specifies the DSL Router as the default gateway, and the OpenDNS servers for DNS. I have recently changed this from the router being the DHCP Server as well as DNS and Default Gateway (The VPN worked fine this way).

It seems like it has something to do with the way, or what Windows Server is giving out via DHCP that is messing up the routing.

Does anyone have any ideas here?