I don't have time to post in depth unfortunately, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any recent windows updates that are causing problems with Windows Web Server 2008 SP2?  

I have a server that runs on VMware ESXi.  It's traditionally been fine until we moved office last week.  When it was shut down and then brought back up, it could not access the network from it's normal mode.  When booted to safe mode with networking it then was able to connect to the LAN.  There are other services and what not that aren't starting but I can't go into them right now.

After a day of troubleshooting, ended up building a fresh VM and setting all the sites up on that again.  Worked for a day or two but then after Windows updates last night it was rebooted and then when it came back up it had the same problems.

I had taken a clone of the base install of the OS + updates before deploying it this time, and so copied that VM back to the server and booted it up.  Worked fine, installed VMware Tools and rebooted - same problems.

So I'm kind of leaning to there being either a Windows Update file that's causing this to happen on reboot, or VMware Tools itself is causing it.

Without going into too much detail, does anyone here know anything that might be causing this or have you heard anything lately about any update problems?