Hey Guys,

I have a question about migrating from Ex2007 to Ex2010. I understand that an inplace upgrade is not supported but seeing as the environment in question has only a single Exch server, I was wondering if the following situation would work.

I have Exch 2007 currently installed on lets called server A.
I have a 64 bit laptop with Server 2008 R2 installed, lets call it server B.
Is it possible if I install exch 2010 on server B and move all the mailboxes, then once I have done that, uninstall exch 2007 from server A and install exch 2010.
Move mailboxes from server B back to server A and remove server B completely.

I realise that in the move the clients may have minimal to no access but this is ok.

Any suggestions or ideas? ALso forgot to mention that server A does not support HyperV as I had thought of that.