I'm having a seemingly-rare problem with Windows 7 and Google is being no help whatsoever.

I have 4 GB of RAM and am running 32-bit Windows 7. I had two video cards with a total of 1.25 GB VRAM. Along with other reserved memory this took my usable RAM (as reported by the System control panel) to 2.5 GB.

I've subsequently removed the second video card (512 MB). However, my usable RAM is still sitting at 2.5 GB; it seems that Windows doesn't rescan reserved memory at boot. Rather, it seems to assume that it's still reserved by hardware.

Does anyone know how to force a rescan of reserved memory? I should have 3 GB usable RAM with the single video card (we have several identical machines that never had the second card, and they all have 3 GB usable). I've tried doing a WEI rescan but that didn't help. Short of a reinstall, how can I get my RAM back?

Thanks :)