Hi everyone,

I've downloaded Microsoft's Windows Vista RC1 (64 bit), booted off the dvd and made a completely clean install (reformatted hard drive before installing).

It looks pretty good, however I have a few problems:

1. Internet explorer doesn't seem to work properly. I am connected to the internet, outlook is able to send and receive without trouble, but I am usually unable to browse to any website- It might work once but then not the second or third time. I thought it was a firewall or antivirus problem so I changed between a number of different ones but no change.

I then installed mozilla firefox and it works like a dream! I wonder what the problem is... because I prefer using IE than firefox.

2. The second problem is that Vista doesn't seem to boot unless the Vista RC1 DVD is in the dvd drive. When I take it out and restart, it says "Non system boot disk" or something and I have to put in the dvd and restart to get it working again!

3. Also, sometimes my internet connection stops working after a few hours of use, I either have to restart windows or pull out the LAN cable and put it back in and it seems to work again. This didn't happen under Windows XP which I was using prior to this.

Any ideas??