Over the last few days I've noted a dramatic increase in the volume and intensity of brute force attacks against several of my servers. The vast majority are originating from the Eastern Block (Russia, The Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc). While analysing them further I noted a similar trend around this time last year that curtailed in late February (almost overnight). Looking back through the last 12 months, around 55% of brute force attacks have originated from inside the United States with another 15% or so from China. Ignoring the recent influx over the rest of the year attacks originating from the East have been minimal (in the 2-3% range overall). For the last 2 weeks the East now accounts for around 90% of blocks and a significant chunk of traffic.

Is anyone else seeing this sort of activity or pattern?

I'm happy to report that no attacks have thus far got through and hopefully the policies in place will continue to abate them but I find it curious that there appears to be a trend forming for this part of the year specifically (the figures are looking very similar to last years, including targeting the same accounts/protocols). My IP space is hosted in the US which could well be a contributing factor. I am aware that servers are constantly being probed and attacked, I'm just trying to understand if anyone else is seeing a similar trend/increase in attacks at present.