Well I did the first messing around with hardware in long time. I decided my secondary laptop a 2.5 year old 15" Dell (i7)needed a new lease of life. I threw a new SSD into it, cleaned any accumulated dust etc.I left the RAM as it was as it already had 16GB of RAM which is enough for me.


I decided I didn't want the hassle of installing Windows 10 so opted to try Linux Mint 19.01. The install as usual was a breeze and all hardware worked perfectly post install. Mint is working great on this machine, boot time is very fast as is program launching. The machine is very snappy and is a pleasure to use. 


It has been a while since I tried Mint and last years experiences with was not that great for me. However 19.01 running all the updates is a different beast altogether and I am enjoying it. My main motivation was the SD card reader built in with I want to use for photography purposes something my Surface Laptop is sadly missing.


All in all a successful task and a pleasurable task.