Struggling with this.

My plan was to collect customer addresses via a GoogleDocs form [now a GoogleDrive form], and import this into my iMac Contacts; making a new group [2014 customers]. Doing it this way was free and I couldn't find another free method.

It's not working as I find the fields I want (established in the GDrive form), don't match when imported into GMail Contacts.

I have to export out of GDrive and then into GMail Contacts as Gmail allows an export as a vCard and GDrive does not.

So when the import into gMail contacts takes place the fields get screwed and the result is a mess. The fields cannot be tweaked here so I'm stuck.

Yes and I've tried exporting out of GDrive as a csv and importing that into Apple Contact but again, the fields get messed up.

There must be an easier way - anyone please?