Not sure where to put this but since my wife is using a Mac, this will have to do.


This might take a bit to explain so please bear with me.


My wife is collaborating with a small business owner updating a lot of documents. To save email files back an forth I encourage them to use a cloud service. They both have active Office 365 subscriptions so setting up shared folders on OneDrive seemed logical. Its working well, they can both edit documents and when one is finished the other has access to the latest live version to pick up. 


However this afternoon my wife's laptop crashed mid editing and she lost a lot of work. I though it was strange as Office 365 desktop apps are set to enable Autosave when working on documents stored on OneDrive as per the article below.


I did some testing when I got home and what I've found is.



  1. If she opens a web browser, navigates to OneDrive and opens the file in the Word desktop app from there, it recognises the file as a cloud document and Autosave is enabled
  2. If she opens the file from the OneDrive folder on her laptop which is synchronised to the cloud it thinks the document is stored locally and won't allow Autosave to be active. I know technically it opening a file from a local location but it should be integrated and know that it is a synced folder


As a result option two is useless. The convenience of using synchronised local folders means she can't take advantage of the cloud safety features of Autosave. Her workflow now is:


Find the file that she wants to work on from her synchronised folder, right click (ctrl/click) and select view on line. Once the file opens in work on-line in a browser she can then select to open the file in the desktop application and Autosave is enabled. it just seems ridiculous!




Am I missing something, is there a better way?