The new Entourage Web services update works well on our Exchange 2007 server. Setup was a breeze, and all my folders and public folders appeared. Entourage also linked to iCal and Address Book without trouble. Just as it should be. Finally no need to use Parallels and Outlook 2007 to access mail and appointments. I just couldn't get mail working beforehand with Mail or with Entourage. 

I have one outstanding problem and would be grateful for your experiences. When I used Outlook on the MacBook Pro (either parallels or Bootcamp with Windows 7 RC and Office 2007) I could access the Exchange email easily at work of course, and when taking it home I would just start Outlook, put in a password and my email was there and updated, connected to Exchange. With Entourage for EWS I cannot connect to my Exchange email outside my work address, at home. 

Does anyone know if this is just a setting that I haven't got correct, or if this is a limitation of Entourage? Would be sad if it was the latter!

I go away quite a lot, so having this easy email access is quite convenient. Don't have Citrix access working properly yet.

Many thanks

Using Leopard (not for much longer, Snow Leopard almost here!), MacBook Pro 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB 7200rpm. Office 2008 (full version). Dual boot with Windows 7 RC on Bootcamp partition, Office 2007, Parallels accessing Bootcamp partition.