Hello everyone,

My name is Inna, I am a Master of Business student at Unitec New Zealand undertaking my Master thesis research on communications between New Zealand brands and their followers in social media. I would like to invite you to participate in my research either as a member of the Facebook research focus group or an interviewee. 

I am looking for people who engage with New Zealand businesses using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or/and branded mobile applications. The focus group uses Facebook to help facilitating the discussion between participants. If you are unable to participate in Facebook focus group, I would like to interview you. The interview will take an hour and will be arranged at your convenient time.

For the research accuracy, the interview will be digitally recorded and then transcribed. Personal information will be presented anonymously in the research and will not be disclosed to any person other than my supervisor and myself. The focus group discussion is closed to only group members, and your personal identity will remain confidential.  

Please email me in confidence at innapiven@me.com if you are interested in participating. In your email please include the following information:

- Name

- Age

- Gender

- Occupation

- What social media do you use? 

You are welcome to contact me for any further information about the research. 

This research has Unitec Ethics Committee approval (No: 2011-1202) and is under the supervision of Associate Professor Dr Robert Davis.  

Your participation will be highly appreciated. 

Kind regards,

Inna Piven