Hi everyone.

Is there an equivalent of Code for America here in New Zealand?

This is what Code for America have to say for themselves: Code for America helps governments work better for everyone with the people and the power of the web. Through our Fellowship, Accelerator, and Brigade, we're building a network of cities, citizens, community groups, and start-ups, all equally committed to re-imagining government for the 21st century.

Fellowship: Through Code for America's fellowship program, passionate web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs leverage the power of the internet to make governments more open and efficient, and in doing so, they develop new skills, join a network of civic leaders, and most of all, have an impact.
Accelerator: The Code for America Accelerator will "turbo-charge" select civic start-ups by providing them an opportunity to amplify market awareness of their product, to access a wealth of business training and advice, and to be introduced to a broad network of potential investors and civic leaders.
Brigade: Code for America Brigade is an organizing force for local civic engagement - a national network of "civic hackers" who contribute their skills toward using the web as a platform for local government and community service.

To me this looks like IT people getting together to help make local communities / cities better using their knowledge & expertise. I'd be interested in contributing to something local, especially similar to the Brigade.