Well, just got back from real groovy waited for SEVEN! hours from 6am to 1pm and finally got my big day out tickets,
i have never heard of the big day out selling out so i didnt purchase my tickets in advance, i went to australia got back
on saturday and then my freind asked me have you got your big day out tickets? i said no then he tells me there are only
2000 tickets and they are selling them on Monday. So i lined up at 6am this morning and got my tickets! Im very happy!
But there where so many scalpers selling tickets for $300 its crazy i HATE them!(they sell for $130). There where also heaps of people that slept on the sidewalk to get tickets early. Was anyone there this morning? and whats the longest line you have ever been in (how long did you wait)? This has definetely not been the longest line ive been in but SEVEN hours is pretty long...to get a ticket.

yeah thats my wonderful story.