Hey guys, I am a guy from Christchurch in my mid twenties. I want to set up a flat in Wellington where all tenants commit to a lifestyle of studying. I want to create a culture based around academic achievement, where the burden of maintaining good grades is shared among a group, where we are all accountable to each other, and where we share in the celebration of our successes. Kind of like a really hardcore study group who live together.

I attempted a computer science degree a few years ago and failed in my second year. Despite spending around 6-7 hours or longer per day at uni, I wasn't able to maintain the focus that I needed to pass. I am intelligent enough, but I found it impossible to stay focused for longer than a couple of hours per day. I was lucky enough to get a job in my chosen field anyway. Now that I have worked for a while, I want to try again. I have more focus and determination than before, but I know I will always do better in an environment in which I am accountable to someone other than just myself. I also love being part of a community.

I want to move to Wellington in June and start study in July. Right now I'm looking for anyone who thinks they might like to be part of this project. I'd like to skype or possibly meet up and talk about your ideas for how this would work best for you.

Thanks :)