Hey all,

I have a need for wanting to track maintenance on a bunch of assets we have. I wanted a cloud/SaaS package that allows me to load up our assets, and create work orders and maintenance history against them.

I have tried a few CMMS programs, such as maintenance assistant - but the problem is they don't allow me to associate third party contractors/service providers to a job. Eg: One of our air conditioners breaks down, we engage the air conditioning service company to come fix it. CMMS programs dont allow me to link the service company to the work order, which is a pretty major failing IMHO.
CMMS systems seem to be designed for service providers themselves, because they all associate work orders with a user (Eg: an employee).

I just want something that I can track how much we are spending on maintenance and break/fixs for our plant equipment, and be able to pull up a history of work orders etc on an asset... I would have thought it a pretty basic requirement, but 2 days of googling has prove otherwise :(

I really don't want to have to break out an excel spreadsheet!