I'm in desperate need to borrow two things please, for the weekend only. 
Monitor - DVI, not VGA only please. Even a loan for a day would be really useful. 
Power adapter to allow me to use a UK or US plug in a NZ socket. 

I will take good care of them and only need them for two days tops. I sold my monitor but the guy needed to collect it sooner than we'd discussed. I need to complete preparing my PC for international shipment.
My adapter has disappeared - suspect it was thrown out by mistake. I don't want to buy another because I need it only to charge up a device. 8-9 hours and I will be done.

If anyone could help me please PM. You have no idea how very grateful I'd be. 

I can offer you a bottle of something in return. Or a darn good computer workstation desk with mobile drawer unit (although you'd have to be at my place by 8am Friday to collect that if you want it;) )