Hi everyone,


I'm sure I saw a similar thread here before regarding moving/relocation, but I'm looking for specific recommendations for my case.


We're looking to move from Auckland to Wellington, and we're selling/leaving almost all furniture and big items here in Auckland, but we really want to take our bed with us (very new, very comfy, very nice).
We currently only have about a 1 bedroom and 1 lounge amount of things.


Does anyone have any recommendations on how we should relocate just our bed and maybe some boxes with clothes? I'll probably take my desktop/computer equipment with me in a car, and depending on how cheap/expensive it will be, could probably take a few more things with me instead of selling it if it works out.


Would a big-ish trailer hire work? (But no tow-bar on the car). I would love to hire a small truck if it would work best cost-wise, but I'm not too comfortable driving manuals let alone a truck.


If anyone can help with the brain storming, that'd be great :)