Woman fatally shot during Florida police academy drill


The event is obviously tragic and the city and this PD can expect to be hammered in a civil lawsuit. But this isn't why I have started this thread. The Police Chief's statement astounds me as a risk management guy -- the woman volunteered to help your department with your training and she has wound up dead. There is absolutely zero reason for a live round to be inside a gun for such training. Now that she's dead, after saying that people should pray for her husband, the second thing you would want to mention is how shocked your poor officers are? Really? 


The Police chief here sounds like a reasonably articulate guy yet a quick search of articles on this case does not show me any which records an apology to the family. To an extent, after an event like this whatever words you use are of (relatively) little consequence but it seems to me his priorities aren't quite right. I would have apologised to the family and all the other people who witnessed it and left any references to the police officers involved out, especially when it is potentially arguable that any shooter handling a gun has the responsibility to ensure that there are no live rounds inside it in such scenarios.


Either he had no PR/crisis management help or such help was hopeless. It also seems to be a common police playbook (in both America and here) to do the "Hey we are feeling bad too!" appeal to emotions -- personally, I hope more people are interested in the facts and holding anyone negligent accountable to the fullest extent possible and not how anyone is feeling.