Some of you may have seen on twitter that GovHack are looking for a Venue. I am working my way around my work contacts - but if anyone has a venue or knows someone who might please let me know (or go direct to govhack people). Requirements are quite a challenge (see below).


Details below.




GovHack NZ - venue brief


28-30 July 2017


 Ideally, a GovHack NZ venue should:


  • be open from:


    • 5 - 9/10pm Friday (with official registration opening from 5:30pm, but time beforehand to set up banners, etc etc etc)
    • 8:30am - 9/10pm Saturday
    • 8:30 - 5/6pm Sunday
  • provide free wifi and power (ie plug points) for all attendees
  • have facilities where catering/food can either be prepared, or at least dropped off
  • have a kitchen/area where people can make hot drinks, refill water bottles, etc
  • be accessible (ie be wheelchair-friendly, etc)
  • allow alcohol on the premises (Fri eve and Sun post 4pm) - won’t be oodles, as it’s not a party, but good for networking/celebrating
  • have a common area large enough to accommodate everyone, to be used for food, networking, team-forming, etc etc
  • have sufficient breakout rooms for teams (normally 5-10 people per team - teams can share breakout rooms if necessary) - desks/tables are a must here.
  • be free (ie not charge venue etc etc costs).



GovHack Wellington: we need to be able to accommodate ~170 people, with about 120-150 on site at any one time, and larger numbers at beginning and end of event.