Professor Brian Cox: Universal World Tour


Professor Brian Cox is the most popular physicist from the UK. Only Neil deGrasse Tyson from the US is more popular.

Brian Cox's doing sold out shows in New Zealand, Australia and the region.

Comedian Robin Ince appears as an inspirational talker, and to give Brian Cox some relief on stage.

Pros: a massive TV screen made even "cheap" $120 seats OK. Advanced topics made easy; no formulas at all.

Cons: 95% of the graphics were static, and many images used over and over, looked like done 10 minute graduate student presentation stretched to 2 hours. He could really use the help of professional graphic shop. Maybe Weta?

Robin Ince extended talk about his 11 year old son was just annoying.


I attending Professor Brian Cox tour in Wellington.

The venue was sold out, surprisingly for a Tuesday. It also looks like most shows in New Zealand and Australia are sold-out, or close to sold-out, so this review may be a moot point.

There were almost no children in the audience. I'd guess about 5%. I suppose that's due to the ticket prices, and being a school night.

Though there were no mathematics at all, but it was surprisingly advanced topics. A lot of discussion was on black holes, the speed of light, spacetime, and light cones

I enjoyed the talk, presentations, and the facility.

On the negative I was really annoyed by the comedian Robin Ince, part of the "The Infinite Monkey Cage" BBC podcast.

I believe he was used as a comic relief, and a foil, and to inspire. However I found him hackneyed. unoriginal and trite. Several people near me also sighed loudly during his 10 minute talk about his 11 year old son, and shook their heads.

I believe the show would only appeal to 16+. If I had younger children, I would strongly suggest not taking them. The static nature of the show would most likely discourage anyone younger.

It's sort of a pity, because the large screen could have been used with a portion dedicated to busy background video to keep kids from squirming, while Brian discussed advanced topics aimed at the adults. May I suggest using someone like Weta to spice it up?

I want to encourage future science tours. I'd love to see Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Lisa Randall, Brian Greene, Katie Mack, Alan Duffy or Carolyn Porco. (If your booking agents are listening, you're guaranteed sold out shows, even with $200 tickets)

Professor Brian Cox: Universal World Tour

June 15, Auckland
June 13, Christchurch
June 19, South Brisbane
June 20, Sydney
June 21, Sydney
June 22, Sydney
June 25, Melbourne
June 27, Perth
June 29, Adelaide

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