Hi there.
Posting here because some of the users of this site might have old CD Burners lying around. I ned one of the following CD burners for a specific purpose (for a piece of musical equipment that only supports particular drives). I am prepared to pay $50 for it. If you have one of these drives (in good working order) that you are happy to part with please let me know? Thanks!

        YAMAHA CRW6416 (internal SCSI)
        YAMAHA CRW8424S-WP (internal SCSI)
        YAMAHA CRW8424S-AW (internal SCSI)
        YAMAHA CRW8824S-VK (internal SCSI)
        PLEXTOR PX-W124TSI/BS (internal SCSI)
        PLEXTOR  PlexWriter 8/20 series PX-R820Ti (internal SCSI)
        PLEXTOR  PlexWriter 8/20 series PX-R8220Te (external SCSI)
        YAMAHA CRW8424SX-WP (external SCSI)
        YAMAHA CRW8824SX-VK (external SCSI)
        PLEXTOR PX-W124TSE/BS (external SCSI)
        PLEXTOR PX-W124TSE/N (external SCSI)
        PLEXTOR PX-W124TSE/MAC (external SCSI)