just got a buzz the people survey which I'm filling in at the moment whcih looks like it was commisioned by 2degrees (or maybe not)

but a few problems with the questions..

it asks you to list all the mobile providers you know of in NZ but doesn't give enough fields
Asks things like

Now please rate each provider on offering simple and easy to understand plans and pricing ...
but 2degrees havn't announced any plans..

Please rate each provider on delivering good coverage ...
No idea as its not released yet..

Lastly, taking everything into consideration, please rate each provider overall
No idea as wdegrees its not a released service yet..

And what are the key things that appeal to you about 2degrees as a mobile phone provider?
Umm.. they have good ads .. what else can you say as its not a released service..

2degrees is kiwi owned. Did you know this?
It is??
Says 70% is owns from overseas people? or am I wrong???

Does ‘being kiwi owned’ influence your choice of mobile provider?
See my previous answer...