Hi guys and girls...

Im looking at studying next year, im pretty good with computers, i have done some basic programming when i was about 13, im now 26, and know my way around Linux and Windows pretty well, as my father is a network engineer and has also been a computer engineer when i was younger i learnt quite a bit through him..
I can crack wep (tried it on my own system for fun) and a variety of other stuff.

Anyway i want to get into Security and Networking, and have been looking at the AUT Bachelor of Computer and Info Science, and doing a double Major in Net-centric and IT Security.
But i have heard the first year is a bit basic.. 
Also ive been looking at the Computer Power Institute Diplomas, and as they do Vendor Certs i can do these when i finish also. As they are only 1 year courses, i was looking at doing a level 5 then the level 6.

Anyone been to either of these? i dont want to do the computer institute courses only to find out it may limit my career potential.

Any views on them either? if you were hiring would you pick one over the other?? and why??