The Lucid Programming Dojo is a place where you can up-skill and learn about the latest technologies and tools. Courses are open-ended and focused on the individual.

More information on the Dojo and the courses is available from the following URL :

There will be a free Dojo course following the Communicate meeting scheduled for the Monday 21st of September. If you are interested for a taste of the Dojo, then remember to bring your laptop or mention that you would like a machine to use when you register for Communicate.

There are two courses aimed at system administrators coming up in Christchurch, New Zealand.

       • Introduction to the Shell (preliminary course notes now available online)
       • Introduction to Ruby (preliminary course notes now available online)

The courses will be taking place at Mediterranean Food Company, 322 Tuam St :

If you like great Italian food, then you should have a great time at the Dojo.

The first course will help you to use a UNIX based computer more effectively. This September, Introduction to the Shell Dojo course will be focused on the BASH shell. However, this first day course will also cover the basics of some common command line tools which will help you to speed though some common tasks. Finally, this course will prepare you for the Ruby course, if you are unfamiliar with a UNIX shell.

The second course which runs for two days is going to introduce you to the very popular Ruby programming language. The Introduction to Ruby Dojo course will cover the basics of scripting, such as creating and editing scripts, processing command line input, storing and processing data, and retrieving data from the network. This course will also cover the basics of source code management which is essential for working with others and open-source projects.

The low cost of the course assumes that you have a laptop configured with Mac OS X, LINUX or some other kind of UNIX based operating system. If you do not have a laptop then please let us know and we will arrange one for one to be at the course for you.

If you would like to be part of the great food, fun and learning then simply reply to this email and express your interest. If you are going to attend the course then payment is required by the 25th of September at the latest.

Finally, if you or an institution you work with are running an IT training course which you think Communicate attendees would find interesting then please reply to this email or talk about it at the September Communicate meeting.

Remember to bring your laptop to the Communicate meeting on the 21st of September to attend the free introductory Dojo course.

From everyone at Lucid, we look forward to seeing you at the Dojo!