Hi guys,

Recently moved to Aussie on a two year stint and realised how average Aussie music stations are here.  They play a lot of local content (good on them) but their "local content" is, well, average to say the least - no offence to Aussies here  Laughing, just personal opinion - I didn't realise NZ music was so much better!

Anyway, been streaming NZ radio stations on my Windows PC.  I calculated the data consumed at around 15mb an hour.  Is there a way of decreasing the quality to save data?

Also, if I stream it on a Windows-based mobile, would the data consumption be the same as if it was done on the PC?

Currently using a Nokia N97 - maybe a possible solution for the mobile to stream NZ radio stations?

Three questions basically, would be great to get some advice on this.  Nothing beats good old NZ radio!