Purchased from here

I see they are now available on TM at a reasonable price.

Either the print is getting smaller or I am just getting older.
I'll admit it, I can't easily read print that is only 0.5mm high.
Pesky smd resistors.

I had considered a desk based magnifier, but my desk is not that big.

Photobucket Photobucket
Ignore the fold in the box, I had used it for a bit before taking the pics for this review.
It did come in prestine condition.

It took a moment for me to click why the pictiure on the box was not quite right.

Your usual collection of chinglish
"Linghting getting description:"

Unfortunatly you can't store it with a lens attached.

There are two lens attachment points.
The manual does not mention them.
I use the one closer to the face.
Gives me a wider field of view.

Strap adjustment is quick and easy.

The light has an inbuilt DC-DC step up circuit.
Input is 3v minimium though so not rechargable battery friendly.

Due to the light weight it is fairly conformtable to wear.

Does the job nicely.
Much better than magnifying glass I have used.

For a laugh I put in the highest magnification lense, 3.5x
Bad move, while I only tried to use it for 30 seconds.
I had a headache for the next 2 hrs.

If you are working with rice grain sized components, swallow your pride and get this.
It will make life easier :)