Not quite entirely off topic, but hoping someone knows of a product that can do what I'm after.

Looking for a MobileRack that's SATA based, 'however' also includes the SATA cables in the tray.

Just about every one I can seem to find either doesn't have enough information to determine it, or is a 'direct connect - cableless' system, which basically mounts the drive in the tray and then has a hole in the back of the tray that results in the drive docking directly to the main enclosure.

I'm looking for one for usage with notebook SATA drives. The actual interface on the drives is the same as desktop 3.5" SATA, however it's not suitable for mounting into a 'cableless' tray and I'm trying to avoid having the cables hanging out the side of the machine.

In effect I'm looking for the SATA equivalent of the old PATA trays. Where they had cables inside the tray, and a mounting/docking connector on the back of the try that plugged into the enclosure when you inserted it.

Anyone got some ideas? Failing that I'll need to send off a few emails to manufacturers to clarify their cable/lack of status. :/