So I came across this new website. Run by the Police and Datacom. ASB are supporting it and advertise it on their site which is where I saw it.

I had read about Serial Search ( and thought it was a great idea. As SNAP is run by the police I thought it would have better support so I tried it out. Signed up, added some assets, went back today and nothing there. All entries gone. No help contact details on the site so found a contact email, got a phone call back saying sorry but no idea how data could be lost so try again.

Now the concept is a good one but in reviewing it now I think I will try Serial Search. The reasons why is that on the main page of serial search there is a search option for anyone to search the database for a serial number. On the SNAP site is says "provide second hand dealers with an ability to check automatically if property has been lost or stolen" but there is no search function. Maybe this will be added later. Also the ability to add copies of receipts apeals.

So initial impression is try at own risk, it does look the goods but will it deliver.

{Mod edit : XPD : Corrected link to correct site}