Hi all,

I have just upgraded my PC and am running windows 7 for the first time.

The transfer of all my documents and programs went without problem except for the following.

I use Adobe Indesign CS to create product catalogs

I now have a problem printing direct from Indesign to my Oki C7350 printer.
( I can save as PDF and print but this is not ideal as I often update them and printing from Indesign direct is prefered )

The following message is printed when I try to print pages of my catalog.

ERROR: typecheck



- I have been through one catalog and changed all fonts to verdana. It still prints out the above error message.

- I can open a new Document and Print images and text direct from Indesign

Obviously something is wrong with the existing catalog's

Does anyone know what has caused this and if I can fix it ? The catalogs represent hours and hours of work so I really would love to fix the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help received