Hello everybody, my name is Chris Adam and I would like to appeal to the Geekzone community.

I am starting a Network Engineering diploma in Wellington at the beginning of October and will be looking for a part-time job while I study full time. My hours of study are from 1pm - 6pm Mon - Fri with the option to study on Saturdays.

Background: I am 34 years old and have spent most of my working life doing manual labour jobs and warehousing. I spent just under 10 years in Australia and the last five years there were spent working for an international company and managed to work my way up to Shift Supervisor overseeing around 30 staff. Since returning to New Zealand I have worked at Toops as a merchandiser and Plumbing World as an inwards goods/customer service representative. I have always had a strong interest in computers and technology and decided that I would rather work towards a position in IT than carry on working in warehousing.

Education: I have completed Certificate 4 in Lithographic Offset Printing, Certificate 5 & 6 in Competitive Manufacturing and Lean Engineering, and Safestart - Train the Trainer (Workplace Safety Program which I delivered to employees at my workplace in Australia) in Australia and have completed a Level 5 Diploma in Computing, Communication and Technology since being back in New Zealand and I am now enrolled for Level 6 Network Engineering.

Ideal Position: I would like a position which would enable me to put some of the things that I have learned into practise. I am looking to become a Technician so a position involving repairs, installations, or builds would be perfect. The purpose of finding a part-time job while I study is to meet the costs of living in Wellington but if the right opportunity came along I would consider working for free if it lead to the possibility of paid work in the future.

As I mentioned, the job is to help me meet the costs of living so I will definitely consider any position offered. I will have to confirm this but I am pretty sure I have the option of changing my study times to either a morning session or an evening session if needed. I will be living in Lower Hutt and commuting to Wellington but I have a reliable car and will be willing to use it if required.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you would like any more information or know of a position that might suit me then please do not hesitate to either send me a PM or reply to this post.

Chris Adam