Letter to Chris Dodd from Eric S. Raymond, open source engineer.

Christopher Dodd is an American lawyer, lobbyist, and Democratic Party politician. President and CEO of the MPAA and is the main "strategist" behind the MPAA's PIPA/SOPA strategy.

"Because we will not have the Internet censored, we are also implacably hostile to any attempts to impose controls on it that could be used for censorship – whether or not that is the stated intent of the controls. That is why we were absolutely unanimous against SOPA and PIPA, and a significant reason that you lost that fight.

We engineers do have an actual problem with Hollywood and the music industry, but it’s not the one you probably assume. To be blunt (because there isn’t any nice way to put this) we think Big Entertainment is largely run by liars and thieves who systematically rip off the artists they claim to be protecting with their DRM, then sue their own customers because they’re too stupid to devise an honest way to make money.
Eric S. Raymond "

An Open Letter to Chris Dodd