Just obtained myself a Woosh branded NetGear MBR814 off TradeMe and was interested to know if anyone else was interesting in working on a port of OpenWRT or DD-WRT to the NetGear?  And replacing the crappy Linux build that comes on the router with a more functional one.

For me I would think the following could be done if the linux environment was rebuilt, firstly I am sure many of the Linksys WRT54G3G features could easily be ported into the MBR814:

Support for the following PCMCIA cards:

IPWireless: - Woosh
PCMCIA Card - It has a really old driver in the current build, the new one has many more features than the current one.

Sony Ericsson GPRS GC75 - I have one of these, great for GPRS <slow!> Mobile data
Huawei 3G E618 Would like any of the below :)
Novatel 3G U630
Option 3G Colt
Novatel XU870
Novatel U740

Telecom: EVDO
Sierra Wireless 580
Sierra Wireless 595

PCMCIA Filesystem support - CompatFlash/SD
Using aircrack-ng or similar to capture WEP/WPA packets and crack the key for purely educational purposes :)

So... is anyone else interested in this mini-sub-project I have going on in the back of my mind?  PM me if you are.