How common is it for UFB installs to go through without a scope / signed consent?


Background: 4 weeks ago I had planned with my ISP for the scope to be on the day of my house settlement (so I had the keys to go inside). A week before this date I received a text from the technician at 1am the night before advising he was coming to do the scope the next day. I replied saying I won't have access for another week and heard nothing more.


Fast forward a week I received a phone call from a Chorus tech confirming the ETP install which he did and today I had the fibre install completed which is all up and running.


It was a fairly simple install (my own property, buried along the side of the driveway, Wall to wall ONT install) but it does make me wonder how common this was considering the scope is a critical part of the process agreeing how everything is going to be installed(The installers this morning were going to place the ONT in a completely different location to where I wanted it if I hadn't asked them not to).


I'm not complaining as it allowed me to get my UFB installed faster but did worry me a bit as if I wasn't there this morning I would have been left with a ONT in an impracticable location.




TLDR: My UFB was installed without a scope or consent.