Apologies in advance - my query isn't directly related to Bigpipe but regarding fibre installs in general.  Since BigPipe generally seem so helpful, perhaps someone wouldn't mind responding if they know?  They are just running fibre to my street right now.  They dug up the blvd and appear to have trenched across the footpath concluding at the electrical connection (outside my 4-flat complex).  It's not done yet, but I'm curious how much is actually done at this point, versus what needs to be done for my local install.  What exactly is left in front of each (building/area?) when they finish running fibre for the street - but before local installs are completed?


Looking forward to Bigpipe in the future!


Edit - just found this on the Bigpipe site.  I guess FTTP will be set up in front of my electrical connection, and I'll eventually be able to start the fun of being a renter (and first install) in a multi-dwelling complex.  Good thing my VDSL is decent - might be a while!