My father-in-law has retired and wants to cut costs.  He's currently with VF for his ADSL and homeline, but it's some ridiculous price (I think he mentioned $70 for the 80GB plan and another $40 for the phone).  Slingshot have offered him an ADSL connection with homeline and 100GB of data for $70.  Looking online, it might actually be $75, but either way it seems to be the cheapest option.  The next closest seems to be Orcon, which is $85 for the same package.  I'm excluding UFB from the equation for now.  It is available at his rental, but I don't want to confuse him right now.  ADSL will likely be plenty for his needs for now.


Is Slingshot any good?  I haven't looked at them for a while, and seem to recall they didn't have the best record on reliability or service.  Is there a better option that provides at least 80-100GB of data with a homeline?  I've looked at Flip (can't provide a homeline at this location), and Skinny (no homeline), plus the bigger players (more expensive).