Have just ordered UFB with Spark in CHC. Will use this installation as a catalyst to undertake at least part of the UTP structured cabling retro-fit project that I have been thinking about for a few years.


I'm an IT geek with an electrical engineering background, so have a reasonable idea of what I want to achieve. Unfortunately my 25 yr old house contains a fair bit of steel and concrete. Which turns out to be quite good for withstanding earthquakes, but a bit of a pain for running cables.


Sooo, I'm looking for a cabling contractor who has a bit of initiative, isn't scared of a bit of concrete drilling or other challenges, is familiar with UFB installation requirements and knows his ONT from his FTB, ideally is also registered to do electrical stuff, and is able to make suggestions and discuss options with a fairly enthusiastic owner.


I see a few knowledgeable-sounding North Islanders offering their services to fellow forum members on here from time to time - does anybody have a recommendation for a switched-on cabler/sparky in Christchurch?