We just (as a last resort!) signed up with Woosh for work (very VERY long story) and got the MBR814XUC Wifi router and new model PCMCIA Card as per: http://www.nextwave.com/WS_TDCDMA_PCMCIA If anyone wants a copy of the new CD with Vista and Mac support in it PM me and I can post a link for you to download it. Shame Woosh havn't put a copy of this up on their ftp.woosh.co.nz site for everyone to use.

I have extracted out the drvers for the Modem (P1D), PCCard (Pcmcia Card) and MACs. Downloads below:

Mac Software - mac_soft.rar
Modem Software - modem.part1.rar and modem.part2.rar
PCCard Software - pccard.part1.rar pccard.part2.rar and pccard.part3.rar
Vista - Vista.rar

Last but not least, it's worth getting the latest firmware for your modem, on the woosh ftp site: ftp://ftp.woosh.co.nz/ipwfirmware.exe

You will need WinRAR from www.rarsoft.com which IMHO, is a great compression program and well worth registering (I have!)